Each of the three objects is built of two thin cast plaster panels facing each other, connected by thin aluminium profiles and creating open cuboidal volumes. The completely even outer surface of each plaster panel presents a face approximately the size of a standard door. Due to the spacing created by the aluminium construction, each panel is equally visible on its inner, textured side which shows an irregular surface coated by hand, contrasting with the minimalist spatial structure.
The common relation between supporting and covering components is altered by the precarious state of stability in which the two materials come together, by the extension of the spacing and the total visibility of the constructional elements. The cuboidal volume can be read as an abstract construction, deprived of a contextual function and practical serviceability. Seen as a module or fragment, the single volume implies the possibility of a larger architecture.

Hard forming plaster, fabric, aluminium, screws
Three pieces, each 216.5 x 97 x 120 cm

Exhibition view: Kunstmuseum Thun, 2015